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The Usborne Nativity Sticker Book

O alta achizitie extrem de frumoasa si utila pe tema Craciunului consider ca este Nativity Sticker Book, publicata de editura Usborne, in colaborare cu The National Gallery, Londra.

Este incredibil de frumoasa aceasta carte ce contine 16 pagini de text si ilustratie, plus alte 8 pagini pline-ochi cu stickere pe aceasta minunata tema!

Are un format mare (305 x 238mm), cartonul din care e realizata este lucios, atat de placut la atingere si, ceea ce imi place cel mai mult, imbina arta cu religia intr-un mod impecabil!

Este o carte splendida, care spune povestea Craciunului prin intermediul unor tablouri celebre pe tema Nasterii Domnului, tablouri ce dateaza din perioada Renasterii si pana in zilele noastre.

Asa cum veti vedea in imaginile de mai jos, fiecare tablou este “etichetat” si, dupa ce copiii gasesc abtibildul care ii corespunde, si il asaza la locul lui, pot citi informatii foarte interesante atat despre picturi, cat si despre autorii lor.

Cele sapte teme abordate sunt frumoase de tot: Mary and the Angel, To Bethlehem, Jesus is Born, The Shepherds, The Star in the East, The Three Kings si Advent Calendar.

Ca sa intelegeti mai bine despre ce este vorba in aceasta carte, in cele ce urmeaza am sa va invit sa urmariti imagini si sa cititi fragmente din carte:

Long, long ago, in a village called Nazareth there lived a girl named Mary. One day, an angel flew down to her from Heaven and told her he had good news. “God has chosen you to have his baby son,” said the angel.


This painting of Mary and the angel is covered in lots of real gold leaf. Notice the bright glow, or halo, around their heads.

Many artists used these as a sign that someone was very holy.

The angel’s name was Gabriel. He’s carrying a branch of olive tree – this is meant to show that he comes in peace.

French artist Paul Gauguin set his snowy painting of Christmas Night in his native village of Pont-Advent, France, just over 100 years ago. The women are wearing Breton costumes, and guiding their oxen towards a traditional Christmas crib.

When Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem, it was nearly dark. They walked through the streets, but couldn’t find anywhere to stay. Finally, an innkeeper offered them the stable, where he kept his animals. That night, Mary gave birth to a baby boy, and she named him Jesus.

The brilliant blue of Mary’s dress comes from lapis lazuli, a semi-precious stone which was used to make the most expensive paint.

In the Middle Ages, roses were regarded as the queen of flowers” and often used as a sympbol for Mary.

The rose garden is a symbol of paradise – a word that comes from the old Persian for “enclosed garden”.

The idea of ornamental gardens was brought to Europe by crusader knights coming back from the Middle East.

Mary is often called Madonna – meaning “my lady” in Italian.


This 14th century map shows the magi riding to Bethlehem from Tarssia in Central Asia. As well as characters from the Bible, there are pictures representing exotic places that European explorers had recently discovered.

Notice the ceremonial elephant in the kingdom of the Sultan of Delhi and a Chinese boat, called a junk, sailing off the west coast of India.

Anca (In minunata lume a cartilor), iti multumim tare mult si pentru aceasta uriasa bucurie!

Multa sanatate si cat mai multe lecturi frumoase tuturor!

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