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llustrated Stories for the Holidays

Trag nadejde ca am alungat definitiv problemele tehnice aparute recent pe blog (desi inca ma tem sa cred asta) si revin azi cu o recomandare deosebita, o carte pe care v-o aminteam si in acest articol.

Este a doua carte de povesti de la editura Usborne despre care scriu in ultima vreme, o carte pe care, ca si pe prima, mi-am dorit-o extrem de mult.

Deloc de neglijat este faptul ca, pentru moment, gasiti Illustrated Stories for the Holidays la reducere considerabila, aici.

351 de pagini din carton gros si lucios (194 x 152mm), extraordinar de frumos ilustrate asteapta sa le rasfoim pe parcursul acestei veri. 

Coperta este brosata, frumoasa-foc si, cum imi place mie sa spun, tare-tare pufoasa si moale, iar semnul de carte e foarte util, avand in vedere numarul mare de pagini ce ard de nerabdare sa fie citite micutilor curiosi si iubitori de povesti.

Cel mai bine ar fi sa va las pe voi sa savurati cateva fragmente din fiecare poveste in parte, nu-i asa?

1. The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse 

(Based on a story by Aesop. Retold by Lesley Sims. Illustrated by Jaqueline East)

There was once a little brown country mouse, who lived in a quiet village.

His name was Pipin and he made his home in a hedge.

In spring, he snoozed in the sunshine and listened to the birds sing.

In summer, he nibbled on juicy wild strawberries and sweet, green leaves. […]

One chilly day, he was sitting by his fire when he heard a Tap! Tap! Tap! at the door. […]

It was his cousin, Tobby Town Mouse. […]

2. Percy and the Pirates

(By Russell Punter. Illustrated by Kate Sheppard)

There was once a boy named Percy Pike, who lived in a small cottage by the sea. Percy lived with his mother and father, his brothers Pip and Pat, and his sister Prunella. The Pikes were a happy family, but they were also very poor.

They all worked from dawn to dusk in one tiny field.

But there was still never enough to eat. Most days, the poor Pikes had to go hungry. […]

3. The Sun and the Wind

(Based on a story by Aesop. Retold by Conrad Mason. Illustrated by Francesca di Chiara)

One glorious summer’s day, the Sun shone and the Wind blew. 

“What a good time they’re having! It’s so much fun to shine on them and keep them all warm.”

“Ha! That’s nothing,” scoffed the Wind. “Watch this.” He took a deep breath…and he BLEW!

Down on the beach, sunshades flew over, deck chairs collapsed and hats spun clean away. The Wind laughed. […]

“I don’t care if it’s kind or not,” said the Wind. “You’re just jealous because I’m stronger than you.” […]

4. The Dancing Mermaid

(By Russell Punter. Illustrated by Desideria Guicciardini)

Coral the mermaid loved living under the sea. She loved having races with dolphins and sealions, swimming with schools of shimmering sardines, teasing sharks and spending all summer splashing in the surf.

There was just one problem. Coral had a secret wish – she wanted to dance.

Every evening, she watched humans whirling and spinning at the dance hall on the beach. She longed to join in. […]

5. Rodeo Runaway

(By Russell Punter. Illustrated by Fabiano Fiorin)

Pat Star was competing in the Cactus Valley Rodeo. He and the other cowboys had to ride a bull, then throw a rope around a calf and wrestle a steer.

Pat and Tex Trapper were the best after three events. The final round was bronco riding.

The cowboys had to stay on a wild horse for eight seconds. […]

6. The Fairground Ghost

(Based on a story by Felicity Everett. Retold by Lesley Sims. Illustrated by Alex de Wolf)

Jake Hubbard was on his way home from school, when he noticed someone had put up a large sign. His heart raced with excitement. The fair was in his town!

According to the sign, there would be seventy attractions. Jake couldn’t wait. […]

Jake ran to the ghost train and climbed aboard.

With a lurch, the train moved into a tunnel. […]

7. The Wind in the Willows

(Based on a story by Kenneth Grahame. Retold by Lesley Sims. Illustrated by Mauro Evangelista)

“Dear friends,” Toad said later that evening, over a lively supper. “Thank you for all your help. I wouldn’t have my home back without you.”

From that night, Toad was a changed animal Instead of always dashing after the latest fad, he was content to live a quiet life by the river. And in the evenings, if you looked out for him, you would see him talking a stroll with his three best friends – Rat, Mole and Badger.

8. A Midsummer Night’s Dream

(Based on a story by William Shakespeare. Retold by Lesley Sims. Illustrated by Serena Riglietti)

Theseus, the Duke of Athens, was very excited. The Queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta, had agreed to marry him.

Taking her hand, he grinned and ordered his servants to prepare for their wedding. […]

Theseus was taking a break from giving orders, when an angry man burst intro the palace, closely followed by three people. […]

“Is that you, Egeus?” asked Theseus.

“Whatever’s wrong?”

Egeus gestured at a small girl in a yellow dress.

“This is my daughter, Hermina,” he began. “And I want her to marry this man, Demetrius.”

He pointed to a man in a pale tunic, who bowed to the Duke.

“But Hermina wants to marry Lysander,” Egeus went on. “You’re in charge around here. Please tell her to marry Demetrius.”

Si daca tot vorbim despre “Visul unei nopti de vara”, al meu si al M-ei este acela de a ajunge cat mai repede la bunici, in vacanta! Mami va avea grija sa strecoare, in mare secret, printre bagaje, si cele doua carti de povesti de la Usborne, care ne vor asigura zeci de ore de lectura plina de magie, la umbra copacilor, la un picnic sau seara, inainte de somnic.

Voi ce lecturi ati pregatit vara aceasta pentru puiutii vosti?

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    Ma numesc Nicoleta si sunt mama unei fetite de aproape 6 ani Daria, dar si mama de la gradi pentru alti 26 copii, ma bucur nespus de mult ca s-a rezolvat problema cu site-ul. Vreau sa te felicit, dar si sa iti multumesc pentru meterialele pe care tu le postezi, pentru mine a reprezentat o minunata sursa de inspiratie in activitatea mea de la gradi dar si de acasa, copiii sunt foarte fericiti si incantati de jocurile si activitatile voastre. Iti multumesc din suflet pentru faptul ca impartasesti cu noi aceste minunate clipe, sincer recunosc nu pot achizitiona toate cartile, dar adaptez si mi-au fost extrem de utile link-urile cu tutoriale. Iti doresc atat tie cat si intregii familii, multa sanatate si succes in tot ceea ce faceti!
    Cu respect Nicoleta Oprea

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